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中国人可以出国旅行,并在非洲获得负担得起的旅行套票。 坦桑尼亚是东非的一个国家,拥有最美丽,最美丽的景点,例如塞伦盖蒂和乞力马扎罗山,桑给巴尔等地的牛羚迁徙。

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您可以与坦桑尼亚的中文向导一起预订乞力马扎罗山(Kilimanjaro)徒步旅行冒险和野生动植物坦桑尼亚之旅。 获取会讲英语和汉语的友好而专业的指南。 我们使用4 x 4的野生动物园吉普大型巡洋舰,舒适和愉快的非洲之旅。

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Kilimanjaro climbing and Serengeti Safari are among best wonders in Tanz...

Kilimanjaro routes are the pathways or nature trails which lead you to summit the mount Kilimanjaro.  climb guidelines provided for all kilimanjaro climbing routes. Kilimanjaro routes known include machame route, rongai route, umbwe route, marangu route, lemosho and northern circuit.

Safari deals are customized wildlife safari tours to visit wildlife sanctuaries and natural wonders in Tanzania. Ask for safari quote and Kilimanjaro trekking packages now.

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Horse ride and Kilimanjaro treks are awesome adventures in Tanzania

When you like exciting adventures, consider day horse riding and Kilimanjaro trekking expeditions in Tanzania. These are enjoyable adventures, prices of horse ride deals are cheap and success summit Kilimanjaro trek is 99%.  This combo vacation package and travel deals are organized by the DMC Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Ltd.

It is possible to do half-day horse ride in the established wildlife ranch outside Arusha Park and 4 x 4 game drives wildlife tours inside Arusha National Park.
All guides are qualified and professionally trained, with good knowledge about Tanzania’s fauna and flora. A keen interest is taken in the smaller creatures as well as the bigger game. Panoramic view of Mount Kilimanjaro and useful acclimatization before Mountain climb is a reward for this horse ride adventure trip.

Day ride Horse ride takes place only 40 minutes drive from Arusha Town. The ride takes place on Dolly Estate and whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced rider. A guest will see Elands, Zebras, birds, various kinds of antelopes and gazelles you might spot one of the most elegant and rarest mammals found in Tanzania, the Gerenuk.

Morning horse ride from 08.00 is to 10 am. Then from 10 Am, Both of you depart to Arusha National park for walking safari and do a walking safari around Ngurdoto volcano crater and Lake Momella. Visitors will see Flamingo in Momela Lake. Ostrich is also birds which can be seen in Arusha Park.

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Mount Kilimanjaro is named as greatest adventure destination and find easiest climb

Mount Kilimanjaro climbing has been awarded as the World premier adventure, by a new survey carried out by celebrity explorer Steve Backshall. Mount Kilimanjaro is among the highest volcano mountains in the world, but easiest to summit climb. There has been a stiff competition in this survey, which included Machu Picchu and rafting the Grand Canyon.

Check Mount Kilimanjaro trekking options, depending on different Kilimanjaro routes available.

Furthermore, at this mountaineering travel site, you can read more advise for success hike to the summit. You can read about Kilimanjaro routes details and comparison, Kilimanjaro climb safety, hiking gears, how to acclimatize, altitude sickness, mountain illness, the best time to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, etc

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Mount Meru climb adventure trip booking

Mount Meru climbing for 3 days
Mount Meru is extinct Volcano Mountain and 2nd highest in Tanzania, has a height of 4562 m (14968 ft). Climbing Mount Meru is the best option to acclimatize and challenge before Kilimanjaro trekking adventure. Mount Meru climbing trip can be 3 days tour or 4 days hike. Read more and make a travel plan for booking

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Mount Meru climbing – 3 days trip.

Mount Meru is located inside Arusha National park, Tanzania.

Mount Meru is a stratovolcano located 70 kilometres (43 mi) west of Mount Kilimanjaro in the nation of Tanzania. Meru has a height of 4,562.13 metres (14,968 ft), it is visible from Mt Kilimanjaro on a clear day (clear atmosphere, no clouds).
The journey to the summit of Mount Meru passes through Arusha National Park. Over 400 species of animals roam the lower slopes of the volcano; these include birds, elephant, buffalo, baboon, warthog, black and white colobus monkey and duiker. A visit to Ngurdoto Crater and Momella Lakes offers superb scenery with flamingos and other wildlife. Accommodation on this ascent is in dormitory styled huts. Hiking to the summit of Mount Meru is over terrain which is often steep and could prove to be a tough challenge for some.

Mount Meru is located in Tanzania and is the fifth highest mountain in Africa. It is a great mountain to climb and offers spectacular scenery, including views of Mount Kilimanjaro. The mountain is unspoilt and less congested as compared to it’s Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya counterparts.

2 nights / 3 days MOUNT MERU CLIMB Tanzania

Duration: 3 Days/2 nights
Location: Mount Meru, Arusha, Tanzania

Day 1: Arusha – Momella gate – Mariakamba Hut
Drive 1 Hr, Hike Distance 10 km, 4 – 5 hrs, 1000m ascent, Alt: 2516
Dinner and overnight Mariakamba Hut

Day 2: Mariakamba Hut to Saddle Hut to Summit
Hike Distance 4km, 2 – 3 hrs, 1050m ascent, Alt: 3566
Have dinner and overnight Saddle Hut.

Day 3: From Meru Summit to Saddle Hut to Momella Gate and back to Arusha
Hike Distance 14km, 6 to 8hrs, 3050m descent, Alt: 1516
Drive 1 hr back to Arusha

Contact us for Price

The price is inclusive of:-
-2 transfers from Arusha to Mount Meru park gate -return
-3 meals per day while trekking - Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian
-3 days Mount Meru trek
-3 night accommodation in huts while trekking Mount Meru
-All Park entrance fees and government levies
-Armed Ranger escort, English speaking mountain Guide and assistant guides
-Porters- a maximum of 2 per client

The Price does not include:
-Gloves, Sunglasses, Sleeping bag, Hats, Rain suits, Warm Jacket, Heavy boots, Scarfs, Rain Trousers, tents
Note: All the above items can be hired at a reasonable price

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Kilimanjaro safari group join trips, trekking group joining travel deals

Group Join climb Kilimanjaro Safari Tanzania are travel services provided by local Tour operators in Tanzania. Group joining Kilimanjaro trekking adventures are cheaper than private booking for solo travelers because in a group common services are shared. Solo travelers can join an existing group with set departure Kilimanjaro trekking expeditions, but still, get private accommodation and enjoy the whole trip.


WhatsApp: +255784811095

Are you still thinking whether to book a private trek or joining a group climbing Mount Kilimanjaro? Here is a simple and complete solution, now you can join any Kilimanjaro trek and get private trip treatment. Every Kilimanjaro climber gets private tent room and you share just common services like food in a mess tent. In Kilimanjaro expeditions, all types of meals are served to fulfill every Kilimanjaro climber interests, Food like vegan, vegetarians, Halal and Kosher food are served. Book now, make last minute booking and get more information.

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Mountain planet is home for mountains across the world, from Seven summits and more

Through Mountain planet, climbers can read detailed information about all or most mountains across the World. Here you will read about all seven summits, Mount Kilimanjaro and every mountain in the world.

Information published includes Mountain name, how was formed, location, how to go and trekking methods. Very useful travel articles are published by experienced mountaineers, these articles provide an interesting advisor to climb a particular Mountain.

Now, read Mount Kilimanjaro climbing trips and more information like how to acclimatize for enjoyable trip and success summit

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Trekking Kilimanjaro on foot vs Cable Car scenic Tour

Cable Car is said to be beneficial to Government of Tanzania, as Tanzania plans to introduce cable car on Mount Kilimanjaro, says that will increase the number of Tourists. However, there is a controversial understanding of tourism stakeholder.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro by foot is regarded as an active adventure on which climbers are supposed to be physically fit, I mean not disabled. However, guides and porters protest cable cars they fear to lose their jobs.

Climbing the magnificent Kilimanjaro Mountain on foot is a lifetime experience that can be done by anyone with normal physical fitness, No need of experience on Mountaineering. Here is the DMC and Tour Operator for booking Kilimanjaro trips trekking by foot to the summit.

Here are useful links to read:

Introduction of Scenery sightseeing on Kilimanjaro by Cable Cars tourism

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Climbing Kilimanjaro tips for success summit, subscribe to read free

Kilimanjaro trekking expeditions range from group booking to private individual tours. Everybody can read details of Kilimanjaro routes and choose the favorite one. Kilimanjaro routes known include Machame route, Rongai route, umbwe route, Marangu route, lemosho and northern circuit.

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Useful tips for preparations of climbing Kilimanjaro and summit

Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Co.Ltd is reputable Tour Operator and Trustworthy Kilimanjaro climbing outfitter with best travel reviews at TripAdvisor

To care for the clients, tips for successful trekking Kilimanjaro to the summit are provided.

Read more about mountaineering adventure advise climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro routes best trails to offer beautiful hiking experience are Machame, Lemosho, Northern circuit and Rongai route at least.

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Tips to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, advise on routes like Machame, best time to go etc Travel links

Mount Kilimanjaro climbing planning and key points for success summit

Travel and Tourism Directory – Travel directory.

Useful advice 10 tips for climbing Kilimanjaro are below:

Mount Kilimanjaro climbing preparation tips

1. Go ‘pole pole’ which means slowly in Swahili. Slow and steady wins the race. The longer you take to acclimatize, the better.
It means a lot; first of all, you avoid going to high altitude abruptly. As you go high, oxygen level at atmosphere decreases. So trekking up slowly gives your lung time to breath well. The Kilimanjaro trails with the best acclimatization are Machame route, Lemosho Glades and northern circuit route. For a beginner, climbers are advised to choose Machame 7 days.

Key points on preparations and booking Kilimanjaro trekking

2. Go on plenty of training walks before you climb Kilimanjaro to strengthen your muscles and wear in your boots as much as you can before you go. Blisters are the pain of a Kilimanjaro trek, make sure you get correct shoe size.

3. Take lots of energy bars/chocolate.

4. Drink lots of water. Better to need to pee more often than to feel sick or dehydrated. Trust me on this one.

5. See your doctor before you go to ensure you’re in good health.

6. If you are taking any new medications, try them out BEFORE you go.

7. Stay warm by having good clothing and using a good sleeping bag. From day two onwards you’re above the clouds. It’s really freaking cold at night.

8. Ask family and friends to write you letters that you can read at the end of each day. It will give you motivation. I did this for my friend Charlotte when she climbed and she said it worked really well for her.

9. Kilimanjaro is as mentally challenging as it is physical (perhaps even more so), prepare yourself for that. Don’t let that mountain break you! You can do it. Positive Mental Attitude!

10. Listen to your guide and follow their advice to stay safe and well. If they say you need to go down, you go down.

Other mountaineering tips are: Best time to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, travel insurance, altitude sickness, etc

Get Free to advise and Price quote Kilimanjaro expeditions from reputable Travel Company – Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Co.Ltd, with best TripAdvisor review


Budget adventure trips recommended are Rongai route, Machame route, Lemosho and have the best acclimatization, top success rates. 

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Mount Kilimanjaro climbing budget travel events and tips

Travel blog for the mount Kilimanjaro climb guidelines provided for all Kilimanjaro climbing routes. Kilimanjaro routes known include Machame route, Rongai route, umbwe route, Marangu route, lemosho and northern circuit.

Machame route 7 days travel adventure package is available for direct booking

Read exciting Travel event Kilimanjaro trekking

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Children age allowed to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, discount child price and kilimanjaro routes recommended

Mountaineering is challenging adventures but Kilimanjaro trekking is much easier compared to other 7 summits world peaks. Climbing Kilimanjaro trip allows children aged 12 and above to hike, but accompanied by parents.

Kilimanjaro trails which offer a better way to acclimatize are recommended for kids. Recommended Kilimanjaro routes are Machame 7 days, Lemosho 8 days and northern circuit as well as Marangu or Rongai at least.

Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Ltd is reputable Kilimanjaro tours outfitter and most recommended at TripAdvisor.

Read more about safari bookings and Kilimanjaro guides expert knowledge, experience and contact us:


Group booking trips and joining group climb Kilimanjaro available.

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Machame route and Lemosho route summit can be through two base camps booking adventures Kilimanjaro climbing, budget trekking

Barafu camp is easier to summit Kilimanjaro Kibo peak, while arrow glacier is most beautiful but difficult.
Adventure Kilimanjaro trekking expeditions can be private guided trips or group climbing bookings. Solo travelers can join groups with existing groups with set departure dates. Read more and get travel scheduled travel tips and Mount Kilimanjaro ideas

KILIMANJARO TANZANITE SAFARIS Co.Ltd is a reputable Kilimanjaro climbing company and have a very good history of success stories on Kilimanjaro tours, best Tripadvisor reviews.

Organizes group joining climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and Tanzania safari group joining travel deals.CONTACT us for a free price quote and advise, inquire now:

Nowadays Machame is the most popular route, these happened because it has proven high success rate. Machame route has the best terrain which climbers can trek easier, also tourists can climb up to Barranco and down, which is the best way to acclimatize. Furthermore, the Machame route has beautiful.
Machame route 7 days itinerary is favorite and recommended to be the best option while planning Mt Kilimanjaro climb as you get an extra day to acclimatize.

However if the budget is tight and you can do enough climbing training and exercise Machame route is still best and most climbers have conquered Kilimanjaro.

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Kilimanjaro Safaris booking Travel reviews at Tripadvisor, recommends trips planning with Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Co.Ltd

Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Co.Ltd provided Free mount Kilimanjaro climb guidelines for all Kilimanjaro climbing routes. Kilimanjaro routes known include Machame route Barafu, Machame Arrow glacier, Rongai route, Umbwe route, Mawenzi Tarn hut Rongai, Marangu route, Shira, Lemosho and northern circuit. Below are Northern circuit group ascent and Summit from the USA in 2018.

Group booking discount is provided, if you are 4 or more friends, you get a great discount, from 5 to 10%.

CONTACT, email:

WhatsApp: +255786694004

International Tour Leader or Mountaineering guide can climb Mount Kilimanjaro for Free, how?

Create travel event in your social media account like facebook, twitter, etc, gather interested climbers up to 15 and you can get free spot Trekking Kilimanjaro. Some times you may earn more by getting paid commission.

Tanzania safari bookings advise are provided for free by safari expert based in Arusha Tanzania. Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Ltd is a professional safari company which its reputation has grown over the years and achieved best travel reviews at TripAdvisor.

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Kilimanjaro routes, details and best time to climb summit Kilimanjaro etc and more answers

Mount Kilimanjaro climbing routes, a detailed itinerary of Kilimanjaro trails, the best time to go and more travel tips

This Blog is owned and run by Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Co.Ltd, reputable Tour Operator and has best reviews at TripAdvisor

Contact us for price quote and availability, Email:

Read Mountain climbing tips at #mountainclimbingforums Link here. Mountain climbing forums

Kilimanjaro routes details, description of each route, volcanic geographic difference, altitude variance, acclimatization rate on each Kilimanjaro trail and which route/s is most recommended and why. Learn more and then for sure you can know how to choose the best suitable route

Below is a picture of students group and Professors which climbed Kilimanjaro to summit in 2018. They chose Northern circuit Kilimanjaro route which begins at Lemosho route, registration at Londorosi gate.

Furthermore, read top tips climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

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Safari Reviews for Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Co. Ltd - KITASA

Kilimanjaro trekking routes are pathways established for safety trekking to summit Kilimanjaro. Kilimanjaro climb guidelines provided include how to acclimatize, Hiking gears, etc. Kilimanjaro routes known include Machame route, Rongai route, umbwe route, Marangu route, lemosho and northern circuit. Mountain climbing forums is a reliable source of information on how to acclimatize, avoid altitude sickness and more...Learn more at Mountain climbing forums ...