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Kilimanjaro Safaris booking Travel reviews at Tripadvisor, recommends trips planning with Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Co.Ltd

Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Co.Ltd provided Free mount kilimanjaro climb guidelines for all kilimanjaro climbing routes. Kilimanjaro routes known include Machame route Barafu, Machame Arrow glacier, Rongai route, Umbwe route, Mawenzi Tarn hut Rongai, Marangu route,Shira, Lemosho and northern circuit. Below is Northern circuit group ascent and Summit from USA in 2018.

Group booking discount is provided, if you are 4 or more friends, you get great discount, from 5 to 10%.

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International Tour Leader or Mountaineering guide can climb Mount Kilimanjaro for Free, how?

Create travel event in your social media account like facebook, twitter etc, gather interested climbers up to 15 and you can get free spot Trekking Kilimanjaro. Some times you may earn more by getting paid commission.

Tanzania safari bookings advise are provided for free by safari expert based in Arusha Tanzania. Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Ltd is professional safari company which its reputation has grown over years and achieved best travel reviews at TripAdvisor.

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Kilimanjaro routes, details and best time to climb summit Kilimanjaro etc and more answers

Mount Kilimanjaro climbing routes, detailed itinerary of Kilimanjaro trails, best time to go and more travel tips

This Blog is owned and run by Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Co.Ltd, reputable Tour Operator and has best reviews at TripAdvisor

Contact us for price quote and availability, Email:

Read Mountain climbing tips at #mountainclimbingforums Link here. Mountain climbing forums

Kilimanjaro routes details, description of each route, volcanic geographic difference, altitude variance, acclimatization rate on each Kilimanjaro trail and which route/s is most recommended and why. Learn more and then for sure you can know how to choose best suitable route

Below is a picture of students group and Professors which climbed Kilimanjaro to summit in 2018. They chosen Northern circuit Kilimanjaro route which begin at Lemosho route, registration at Londorosi gate.

Furthermore, read top tips climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

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Safari Reviews for Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Co. Ltd - KITASA

Kilimanjaro trekking routes are pathways established for safety trekking to summit Kilimanjaro. Kilimanjaro climb guidelines provided include how to acclimatize, Hiking gears etc. Kilimanjaro routes known include machame route, rongai route, umbwe route, marangu route, lemosho and northern circuit. Mountain climbing forums is reliable source of information on how to acclimatize, avoid altitude sickness and more...Learn more at Mountain climbing forums ...

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Climb up Kilimanjaro on foot and descend down by Helicopter flight, recommended at #TripAdvisor

Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safari Ltd is pioneer Tour Operator in Tanzania offering helicopter flights for  Mount Kilimanjaro scenery flights, routine journeys ascending Kilimanjaro to summit, horse riding at slopes of Kilimanjaro, adventure trips Mount Kilimanjaro climb,  camel safaris trekking at slopes of Mount meru, Horse ride, Momella lake cruise tours, hot air balloon safaris, night game drives in Tanzania, walking safaris nature trekking, historical tours Kondoa irangi Kolo rock art painting, cultural tours Maasai tribe bomas etc. Check Safari bookings and Africa travel Kilimanjaro.

Trekking Kilimanjaro on foot to Summit and descend from Barafu camp or millenium camp to Moshi Airport by Helicopter flight  is awesome exciting vacation leisure travel and sport adventure.

Get price quote for free and compare travel deals:

Kilimanjaro routes are the mount kilimanjaro climb pathways officially recognized to be safe open up to Kilimanjaro summit. Kilimanjaro routes known include machame route, Rongai route, umbwe route, marangu route, lemosho and northern circuit. To acclimatize better, it is advised to take longer route which takes more days ascending up slowly like Machame route 7 days, Lemosho route 8 days and Northern circuit 9 days.

TripAdvisor travel reviews posted by tourists like you who booked trip with this DMC in Tanzania.



Mount Kilimanjaro trips climbing review -

Safaris and Kilimanjaro tours trekking reviews -

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Unforgettable Tanzania include climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, wildlife safaris or etc #unforgettableTanzania

Unforgettable Tanzania can really happen to you if you arrange and book your vacation travel or adventure trips by reputable Tour Operators with best reviewed at TripAdvisor #unforgettableTanzania.

Travel advise and prices, inquire now:

Mount Kilimanjaro climb review at TripAdvisor -

Unforgettable safaris in Tanzania can be accomplished by DMC and Local Tour Operator in Tanzania, best travel reviews by fellow tourists provide Trust to you and peace of mind. Read TripAdvisor reviews and you can ask one of reviewers #unforgettablesafaris

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Pole pole Kilimanjaro climb, slowly trek Kilimanjaro and avoid altitude sickness or Mountain illness

Pole pole is famous tactic word used to help tourists climb Kilimanjaro successful.
#Polepole #climbMountKilimanjaro

Pole pole meaning is slowly and hence Mountain climbers are advised to hike slowly up Kilimanjaro and avoid abrupt change of altitude. This is famous method used by Mount Kilimanjaro guides to avoid Mountain illness or altitude sickness. There are more methods to acclimatize and trek successful to summit, Inquire now:

Kilimanjaro routes is the mount kilimanjaro climb guidelines provided for all kilimanjaro climbing trails. Kilimanjaro routes known include machame route, rongai route, umbwe route, marangu route, lemosho and northern circuit. Duration of travel package depends on Kilimanjaro route you choose, minimum days routes are Rongai and Marangu, only 5 days to trek to summit. 5 days trip Kilimanjaro climb does not have better chance to acclimatize. Read more about Kilimanjaro routes, how much it costs and detailed Kilimanjaro routes here. 

Travel packages to climb Mount Kilimanjaro advised are 6 days Machame, 6 days Rongai, 6 days Marangu Kilimandsharo klettern, Kilimandjaro ascend 7 days Lemosho, 8 days Lemosho route, 9 days Northern circuit.

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Special medical services introduced to Kilimanjaro climbers, include first Aid and rescue

First Aid training to Mountain climbing guides and rescue by Helicopter is introduced by Kilimanjaro SAR

Local Media Source News Paper...Kilimanjaro Search and Rescue

Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Co.Ltd is Tanzanian DMC and Tour Operator, organizes Kilimanjaro climbing trips with top quality records, most recommended by tourists, reviewed at TRIPADVISOR and Trustworthy Kilimanjaro trekking outfitter for your peace of Mind.


Medical clinical services are ready for Mount Meru climbers and Kilimanjaro trekking trips.Kilimanjaro SAR uses Helicopters to track climbers in the Mountain and ensures Tanzania become safest tourist destination in Africa.

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Rongai route is another amazing Kilimanjaro trail with 2 options summiting, how to acclimatize, costs etc

Rongai route is only Kilimanjaro route to approach summit on Northern side. Climbing Kilimanjaro is moderately easier through Rongai route

Detailed 6 days Kilimanjaro trekking adventure, most common detailed itinerary

How much is cost to climb Kilimanjaro? What are important hiking gears needed to climb Kilimanjaro? Best time to trek Kilimanjaro? Are there discount prices for group bookings? These plus more questions you have, Contact us:


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Most tourists who need privacy and ecotourism characteristics choose Rongai route. Rongai lead you trek up Kilimanjaro by passing through true wilderness areas for days before arriving Horombo Camp Marangu route. Rongai is highly recommended, especially for those with less backpacking experience. There are different options to complete the climb in 5, 6, or 7 days in Alpine trekking expeditions.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro tours is the dream to thousands of people across the world because this is the current top Africa tourist attraction World Award winner in 2017. Summit Kilimanjaro to Uhuru peak is determination of every climber, so hiking to Kibo Volcano peak through Rongai route have 2 options:

Rongai route option 1: Drive from Moshi through Marangu, Rombo Villages, Tarakea town bordering Ilassit/Loitokok Kenya to Nalemoru gate Rongai...Begin trekking through wilderness rain forest to Simba Camp, Second day continue trekking through scenic beauty wilderness trails to Second Cave, climb to Kikelelwa Camp, continue climbing to Mawenzi Tarn hut, hike to Kibo hut and struggle to summit to Uhuru peak. Advantages of this kilimanjaro trail is that it is easier and have better way to acclimatize and you get best view of Mawenzi peak, Second highest Volcano rugged peak.

Rongai route option 2: Drive from Moshi after JRO arrival, through Marangu, Rombo Villages, Tarakea town bordering Ilassit/Loitokok Kenya to Nalemoru gate Rongai...Begin trekking through wilderness rain forest to Simba Camp, do simple leisure trekking to Second cave, continue trekking to third cave, climb to School hut and then hike to Kibo Summit Kilimanjaro Snow peak. This is somehow more challenging than first option above. All you experience wilderness experience, how ever School hut trail it is more natural with responsible travel ethics and you escape crowd of climbers, less tourists.

Kilimanjaro journey passes through planted forest and natural forest, this means several wildlife species and birds will be seen. Waterfalls, natural springs and Volcano lakes will be seen.

Mount Kilimanjaro detailed information about history, formation, volcano actions, rock climbing, bouldering, alpine forest, glacier, snow, local people and more are available at About Mount Kilimanjaro blog.

Do you need further reading about safety Kilimanjaro climbing, Kilimandjaro, Kilimandscharo, viaggio, viajey and altitude sickness precaution? Read about Kilimanjaro advice on safe and successful ascent

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How do you train to climb Mount Kilimanjaro? Where to acclimatize....

Actually Mount Kilimanjaro is one of 7 Summit World highest peaks of each continent, Kilimanjaro is highest Mountain in Africa. Kilimanjaro climbing is easier and Non Technical

How do you train to climb Mount Kilimanjaro?...The answer is simple, you do simple training which is merely exercises before days to begin trekking. Exercises recommended to take are jogging, running and gym exercises. Aim of exercise is to make your body muscles become used to stretching, to increase lungs capacity to store oxygen and breath. Further more, change mind set and prepare for mountaineering challenges in Tanzania.

This are travel tips and advise prepared by Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Co. Ltd, reputable and Licensed Tour Operator recommended At TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor reviews are opinions from fellow tourists who have booked tour with this Travel Agency.

Inquire for price cost and Kilimanjaro routes: Email:

Check Instagram Kilimanjaro tour photos and certificate of summit.

Guides explain ways to acclimatize...

First of all understand what is acclimatization. This is to make body become used to local weather/climate of the destination. You need to do some minor activities so that body adapt to new condition such as challenge Kilimanjaro trekking adventure. One day before or two days before a climber can hike small hills, runs or doing small exercises. Second, is to have enough time to ascend up Kilimanjaro, it is recommended to choose Machame route 7 days or Lemosho 7 days travel package etc. Choose Kilimanjaro route which has best acclimatization terrain like Machame or Lemosho. During Kilimanjaro trekking expeditions, drink enough water, usually 3 - 5 liters per day.

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GoVertical Mountaineering Adventures South Africa: 3 Highest Peaks in South Africa

GoVertical Mountaineering Adventures South Africa: 3 Highest Peaks in South Africa: Hi Everyone, Our winter down here in the Cape has been so pleasant with crisp mornings, warm sunny days, clear mountain views,   ca... Kilimanjaro trekking routes is the mount kilimanjaro climb guidelines provided for all kilimanjaro climbing routes. Kilimanjaro routes known include machame route, budget Kilimanjaro trekking, rongai route climb through Rombo and Loitoktok Kenya, marangu route, lemosho and northern circuit.

Combo Leisure safari with climbing Kilimanjaro is available with discount price.

South African Drakensberg adventures

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Frequent asked Questions about Mount Kilimanjaro climbing, price quotes, hiring gears costs etc

Tourists going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro do have most questions in common and some ANSWERS are similar

First of all, Rent gears in Moshi Hike Outfitter shops is cheaper than in Marangu gate or other Kilimanjaro gates. Second benefit is that at entry gates, you might miss size of your foot Mountain boot or miss some gears you need.

More Questions about Kilimanjaro trekking adventure travel ideas are below:

How much does it cost to climb the Kilimanjaro?

-- Basic costs of Mount Kilimanjaro are Permit entry fees, then add services (Transport, Salary to guides, porters, cook, accommodation equipment, food etc) provided by Tour Operator. So here comes different in prices because each kilimanjaro trek company add different amount of profit (so that company can pay tax, Office rent etc). Permit entry fee vary between One Kilimanjaro trail to another and differ according to duration of trekking expedition. It is always free to get price quote so that you can compare between Travel Companies. Look at Contact below to ask:

Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Ltd, reputable Tour Operator Trustworth and recommended at TripAdvisor


WhatsApp: +255786694004

- Recent Travel review TripAdvisor from Victoria Canada -

- Climb Mount Kilimanjaro experience and adventure review, from UK -

What is the best time to climb Kilimanjaro?

How long does it take to walk up Kilimanjaro?

Is it dangerous to climb Mount Kilimanjaro?

Kilimanjaro climb cost includes what?

how long does it take to climb mount kilimanjaro

What is kilimanjaro summit physical feature?

Mount kilimanjaro climb famous route in 2000 to 2017 is?

Kilimanjaro routes vary in Geographical features?

Kilimanjaro trek best time of year seasons differ?

Is climbing Kilimanjaro difficulty?

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Expert guides takes you to Kilimanjaro Summit with free WI FI --choose Machame or Lemosho climbing

WI FI free services provided during Kilimanjaro trekking via Lemosho route or Machame is amazing

Use WIFI to Snapchat or Wechat or WhatsApp your Summit Kilimanjaro photos with Family at Home country. Adventure backpackers and private Kilimanjaro expeditions can now book affordable Kilimanjaro treks with reliable company Contact us for price quote budget climb:

Trek Kilimanjaro with peace of mind at TripAdvisor recommended Kilimanjaro tours planner, check and inquire for quality Kilimanjaro climbs.

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Things to do in Short time to see all Mount Kilimanjaro without climb include Shira Trek Lemosho 2 days

Mount Kilimanjaro attractions which can be done without climb or extreme adventure include waterfall tours, Lake Challa, coffee tours, Short trek Lemosho route Londorosi gate and more...

Mount Kilimanjaro attractions in low slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro and near Moshi are:

A -Travel to Moshi and you can swim in the soothing warm waters of the Kikuletwa Hot springs. It’s a beautiful location with crystal-clear waters – and the perfect way to recover from a lengthy, mountainous trek.

B - On the south-eastern slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro lies Lake Chala, a crater lake set against a stunning volcanic backdrop. The dramatic creation of the area belies its tranquility and timeless beauty.

C- Materuni Waterfalls and Coffee tours in and out of Hotels in Moshi

Active adventures are 2 days Shira trekking and Marangu day hike to Maundi Crater or up to Mandara and back.

Mount Kilimanjaro Day climbing trip is a rewarding sightseeing tour to see attractions in Mount Kilimanjaro through Marangu gate. Nature forest has wild animals, birds, scenery and waterfalls.

Our Guide and Driver will drive with you to Mount Kilimanjaro National Park gate and on a clear day (No cloud cover) our driver will stop at different places where you can take good pictures of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The driver and the guide will be there to answer any question you might have regarding Mt. Kilimanjaro, Chagga tribe, German old buildings, Missionary, Culture and the area around the great Mountain.

Register at Marangu gate and start the walk to Mandara hut. You will walk for about 3-4 hours to the first hut (Mandara hut) and you will arrive there in the afternoon. You can possibly trek to Maundi Crater to see a lot more volcano and beyond.

Then you begin descend down to Marangu gate, at Marangu gate you visit waterfalls and chagga German caves made to host chiefs and warriors.

Day tour Kilimanjaro trek ecotourism and wildlife tour Shira Lemosho

4-5Hours Ascend and 3 descend

After breakfast, meet guide and transfer to West Kilimanjaro to Londorosi Gate with 2250m. Our 4 x 4 Car will drive through Nature Kilimanjaro forest –rain forest to Mountain Morrum barrier (3720m), then you begin hike to heath and moorland. You continue to rim of Shira Plateau. Shira plateau is most beautiful point to see a lot of Kilimanjaro attractions like Volcano rocks, glaciers and Snow view. Shira is a middle way of climbing Kilimanjaro through Machame route, Umbwe route, and Lemosho and Northern circuit.

You will explore Shira Needle, Shira Cathedral and Volcano rock formations, take photos and then descend back to Morrum barrier where driver will take you back to Arusha.

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Paquete de viaje Únete al grupo Kilimanjaro escalar guías y safaris españoles

Rutas de Kilimanjaro trekking es el monte Kilimanjaro para las escaladas de las rutas de escalada de Kilimanjaro. Las rutas Kilimanjaro conocidas incluyen la ruta machame, la ruta rongai, la ruta umbwe, la ruta marangu, el lemosho y el circuito norte. Excursiones guiadas privadas por el Kilimanjaro y grupo que se une a una caminata barata por el Kilimanjaro, guías de habla hispana, guías francesas de habla francesa, alemán Deutsche Reise e italiano

Bienvenido y escalar Kilimanjaro con Kilimanjaro escalar Expeditions en Tanzania.
Sí, puedes unirte al grupo o escalar solo con la guía de habla hispana de Kilimanjaro
Horario de viaje de la siguiente manera:
11 de diciembre, llegada y traslado al hotel en Moshi
12 al 17 de diciembre es 6 días Kilimanjaro trekking ruta Machame
El precio es 1480 US $ por persona

Luego Safari a Serengeti y el cráter de Ngorongoro
Únase al grupo en alojamientos económicos de camping safari, simples y cómodos
Viaja en 4WD Safari y disfruta de tours de vida silvestre / safaris con guías expertos en safaris, descubre muchos animales salvajes y los 5 más grandes y observa la migración de ñus
El precio es de 250 US $ por persona por día


Viaje Kilimandjaro Escalado

Kilimanjaro viaje

Ascension Kilimanjaro

Trekking en el Volcán Kilimanjaro

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Africa and World Travel Award compares travel attractions, Mount Kilimanjaro won 2017 travel award

MOUNT Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest peak, and one of 7 summit World peaks has won the 2017 'Africa's Leading Tourist Attraction' title in the recent World Travel Awards (WTAs) again. It africa top natural attraction for leisure safaris and climbing adventure destination.

Further more, Mount Kilimanjaro is nominated for World travel award as well, if you have climbed Kilimanjaro, Go and vote please..

Kilimanjaro blog provides mount kilimanjaro climb guidelines provided for all kilimanjaro climbing routes. Kilimanjaro routes known include machame route, rongai route, umbwe route, marangu route, lemosho and northern circuit. To explore nature beauty of this Africa award winning destination, contact reputable Tanzania Tour Operator KILIMANJARO TANZANITE SAFARIS Co.Ltd, organizes Mount Kilimanjaro climbing trips, wildlife safaris and beach holidays to Zanzibar.

Check most recommended Kilimanjaro adventure packages on machame route 6 days Kilimanjaro climb, Rongai route Kilimanjaro treks 6 days, Lemosho route 7 days Kilimanjaro trekking, Marangu route Kilimanjaro hike, 7 days Machame route Kilimanjaro climbing and 8 days Lemosho route Kilimanjaro ascent, Contact us, send email:

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Cheap flights booking, travel deals updates Kilimanjaro tour prices

Kilimanjaro trekking routes are mount kilimanjaro climb natural trails established which lead climber to Uhuru peak. Kilimanjaro routes known include machame route, rongai route, umbwe route, marangu route, lemosho and northern circuit.

After booking cheap flights, travel and arrive at JRO Kilimanjaro Airport in Tanzania, what activities are you going to do? read more travel ideas about Day hike trips, sightseeing tours, adventures and climbing trips

In order to climb Kilimanjaro, you must travel to base camp in Moshi, which is nearby Kilimanjaro International Airport, JRO. International flights from your nearest Airport to Tanzania are affordable, it depends on your search.

Cheap flight booking to Kilimanjaro Airport JRO are available. Check Travel deals, discount Airfares, cheap flights

Kilimanjaro tour prices vary depend on private trekking or group booking

Ask for Price quote Kilimanjaro ascend to Uhuru peak summit. Contact us:


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Travel Instagram has information for cheap adventures @traveltanzaniasafaris

Follow Instagram @traveltanzaniasafaris and get best travel ideas, discount Kilimanjaro tours, cheap safaris etc

@traveltanzaniasafaris provides Kili climb guidelines provided for all kilimanjaro climbing routes. Kilimanjaro routes known include machame route, rongai route, umbwe route, marangu route, lemosho and northern circuit.

Look at happy climbers hiking up Kilimanjaro through Barranco and Karanga Machame route

Students discount prices to University students and backpackers are available now. Professional guides from Specialty Kilimanjaro trekking expeditions are provided by KILIMANJARO TANZANITE SAFARIS Co. Ltd.

Cheap safaris Tanzania booking and Tanzania safari itineraries are provided.

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