Friday, January 26, 2018

Frequent asked Questions about Mount Kilimanjaro climbing, price quotes, hiring gears costs etc

Tourists going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro do have most questions in common and some ANSWERS are similar

First of all, Rent gears in Moshi Hike Outfitter shops are cheaper than in Marangu gate or other Kilimanjaro gates. The second benefit is that at entry gates, you might miss the size of your foot Mountain boot or miss some gears you need.

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How much does it cost to climb the Kilimanjaro?

-- Basic costs of Mount Kilimanjaro are Permit entry fees, then add services (Transport, Salary to guides, porters, cook, accommodation equipment, food, etc) provided by Tour Operator. So here comes different in prices because each Kilimanjaro trek company add a different amount of profit (so that company can pay tax, Office rent, etc). Permit entry fee varies between One Kilimanjaro trail to another and differs according to the duration of trekking expedition. It is always free to get price quote so that you can compare Travel Companies. Look at Contact below to ask:

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